Gator Pit of Texas Custom BBQ Pits

Texas 1845

Total Package Price:  $2,395.00

1845, a significant date in Texas history.  You want Texas BBQ?

You want an authentic Texas BBQ Pit.

Gator is made in Texas USA

The Texas 1845 has become our Most Popular Gator Model for 2020


The TEXAS 1845 is only sold as described below


Designed as an Offset Smoker and has the ability to Grill or cook directly over a coal or wood fire.


Go from Searing Steaks to Low and Slow Smoking Brisket, Pork, Chicken


Smoker is 1/4" thick wall new pipe with a 20" x 40" main cooking chamber and a full-size ¼” thick heat deflector/baffle to minimize hot spots in the main chamber. Main chamber has lower ¾” angle-framed sliding pull-out food tray. Full size removable upper half food tray. Side-access door provides easy access to the 1/4" thick charcoal grate to allow you to easily add charcoal and clean out.  2” grease drain with threaded cap. All doors have 1" flanges on all four sides for a tight seal and stainless steel cool-touch handles on all three doors. Gator’s commercial stainless steel 3"-dial easy-to-read temperature gauge is fitted to the main door and can be recalibrated, if necessary.


1/4" thick x 20" x 20" round firebox has a heavy duty angle framed removable wood grating and an adjustable air-intake vent.  Stainless steel cool touch handle.  Doesn’t get hot.


Full-length ¾” angle-framed all-steel front shelf. Lower log rack is framed in heavy 2" angle iron for extra strength. Will not sag under log weight.  Pit is equipped with two heavy-duty large 5” rigid hard wheels and two heavy-duty 5” swivel hard wheels for mobility.


All food trays are framed in 3/4" angle. Lower easily slides in and out.  Top is removable.


As described above with standard features: 72” L x 30” W x 66” H 550 plus pounds apprx.



Meat racks apprx measurements:

Lower 37” x 19.5”

Upper 8” x 39”

1033 sq inches or 7 square feet of cooking space


Cooking capacity apprx.:

4-5 whole briskets on lower rack and other meat on the top half rack

6-8 whole Pork Butts on the lower rack.  May require removing the top half rack.

10-12 whole chickens at once and other meat on the top rack

8 racks of St. Luis Style ribs flat on lower rack and 2 on top rack.  10 racks total.  More, if Baby Back ribs or if using a rib rack.

You can place beer can chickens along the front of the lower rack and put more meat on the back lower rack and back upper rack.  Or, remove the top half meat rack and fill lower with multiple beer can chickens.


Only add-ons to this cooker:


Four ½ thick folding D-Rings for anti-theft or safely securing four corners during transport $125.00


Additional Remote thermometer probe holes with removable threaded plugs $49.99 each.


Easy off/on foot brakes to secure in place to prevent accidental rolling $85.00


Ash rake with stainless steel cool touch handles $65.00


Fire poker with stainless steel cool touch handles $65.00


2” ball valve added to drain $69.99


BBQ Rubs: Gator Pit of Texas Brisket Rub, Rib Rub, Chicken Rub, Steak Seasoning, Cajun All-Seasoning Blend - 7 OZ. bottle your choice - $9.99


Smoking woods:  Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan.   Avg. 50lbs. bags $24.00 per 50 pound bag.  We can ship with your cooker.



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