Gator Pit of Texas Custom BBQ Pits

Ritch's Edition

Total Package Price:  $7,783.90 with all features listed below

Utensil hangers quantity/costs would need to be determined.


Ritch Robin’s personal Gator Pit as built for his home.  What he designed for small family cooking to larger entertaining cooking at his home, designed with features he believes makes for a more perfect home and small commercial cooker All-In-One Gator Pit.  You will see Ritch and friends cooking in action on our Gator Pit Youtube Channel.  Visit us and enjoy many more Gator Pit videos.


Single wide cut door horizontal smoker is 1/4" thick wall new pipe with a 24" x 48" main cooking chamber. Door counterweight for easy opening/closing of the larger door.  Main chamber has Two angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays framed in 1” angle. A 2" Brass Ball valve grease drain for easy clean out, grease drippings, and hanging a grease bucket.   A full-size ¼” thick heat deflector/baffle minimizes hot spots in the main chamber complete with ¼” thick adjustable, locking, removable Tuning Plates for more even temperature cooking. Main single door is equipped with three stainless steel 3"-dial easy-to-read temperature gauges. Side-access door provides easy access to the main chamber bottom for clean out and access to a ¼” thick charcoal grate for direct grilling.  All doors have 1" flanges on all four sides for a tight seal and stainless steel cool-touch handles.  The Gator Pit signature Birdhouse stack has a stainless steel cool touch handle and stainless steel Gator Pit logo.


1/4" thick x 24" x 24" round firebox has a heavy duty angle framed removable wood/charcoal grating and an adjustable Texas slide air-intake vent with stainless steel cool touch handle.  ¼” plate box top and side top walls offer a flat top and insulate the firebox for longer burn times.  Gas assist firebox with removable LP tank holder with swivel wheel, high pressure regulator hose, ½” brass ball valve control valve at firebox, ¼” thick square tube burner inside.  Gator Pit’s large stainless steel Gator logo attached to front side of the firebox.


14” deep x approx. 47” long 304 brushed stainless steel front drop down shelf with 1” welded corners and Gator Pit logo etched on top.   24" x 48" Lower log rack is framed in 2" angle iron for extra strength with our Gator Pit stainless steel badge on front. Pit is equipped with two heavy-duty 6” rigid hard wheels and two heavy-duty 6” swivel hard wheels with foot brakes for easy mobility and to secure in place.


As described above with standard features: 84” L x 38” W x 76” H 1000 plus pounds apprx.


Price breakdown.  Customer may add or remove features to Ritch’s Gator Pit Edition 1


$3,795.00  2448 Smoker

$325.00 Single door with counterweight

$39.95 Each Probe or Port holes with threaded plug

$595.00 Tuning plates

$525.00 14” stainless steel front shelf

$95.00 Drop front shelf

$49.95 Add additional 3rd temp gauge

$39.95 install additional temperature gauge

$59.50 2” ball valve drain

$350.00 ¼” plate box top over firebox

$225.00 Texas slide air vent with stainless steel cool touch handle

¼” fire grate framed in angle is standard

$575.00 Gas assist firebox, removable LP tank holder with swivel wheel, high pressure regulator hose, ½” ball valve flame control at firebox

$55.00  Fire Poker, stainless steel cool touch handles, rear storage hanger

$55.00  Ash rake, stainless steel cool touch handles, rear storage hanger

Sliding meat racks are standard

Side access door stack end is standard

Fire/charcoal grate in main chamber is standard

Push/pull handle is standard

$95.00  Birdhouse stack

$15.00 each Utensil hangers

$125.00 Upgrade to 6” casters

$85.00 Foot brakes on swivels

$225.00 Three piece Texas art work painted red, white, blue on door lid.  Art work may vary, depending on availability.

$155.00 Large 12” 304 grade stainless steel Gator Logo on firebox front.  Stack Gator logo and door badging is standard.

Four 1/2" thick folding D-Rings for anti-theft or safely securing four corners during transport $99.95





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