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Our BANDIT mobile BBQ smoker and grill will get the job done with easy operation.  Fire it up and let it work for you.  Simply, add a split log about every 1-1.5 hours to maintain 225-275 degrees cooking temperature.  Use real split wood logs or charcoal or lump fuel.  Need a BBQ pit smoker or grill for your competition, wedding reception, company picnic, tailgating at the games, beach, or any other event you need a BBQ Pit? This mobile Gator Pit will smoke or grill your ribs, brisket, pork butt, sausage, chicken, seafood, hamburgers, hotdogs, and vegetables and you can boil and fry foods.  Cook anything you like over a direct fire or offset smoke your meat for that Real Texas BBQ Taste.


Description and Features:  Main cooking chamber is 1/4" thick wall pipe 20" in diameter and 40" long. Main chamber has two angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays and a 2" grease drain with ball valve.  Our Gator Tuning Plate heat distribution design minimizes hot spots and allows for more even temperature cooking throughout the horizontal and allow the upright smoker box to get over 225 degrees to low and slow smoke meats.  Upright smoker box can be used, not only as a warmer, but to cook brisket, ribs, chicken, etc. same as the horizontal chamber.   Doors are equipped  with 3" dial stainless steel easy-read temperature gauge.  All doors have 1" flanges on all four sides for a tight seal and stainless steel cool-touch handles. Has passenger side storage area to secure gear, such as ice chest, wood, tables, chairs, and more.


5/8” thick  x 20" x 20” round firebox has a heavy-duty angle-framed removable wood grating and adjustable air-intake vents.  Not only a side access door, but a top loading and grilling door lid.  Cook directly over your fire:  Steaks, fajitas, shrimp, veggies, etc.  Also, has a flat top plate for pot of beans, water or pre-heat wood logs before placing inside the firebox.


Up front, you have dual 160K BTU burners for boiling and frying foods.  Put a griddle on top and griddle breakfast eggs, bacon, sausage or pan fry foods, like hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.  Sauté veggies. (Propane or LP tank is not included or supplied).  Propane fuel only to be used for burner system.


Trailer frame is apprx. 13’ L x 6' overall width x 72” H and empty weight is apprx. 2,000-2,500 lbs., with steel fenders, 15" wheels and 205/75/15 trailer-rated tires.  Includes a 2" type coupler, complete light kit and 4-prong wiring harness, safety chains and matching spare tire. All doors lock for safety and security.  Passenger side and front storage area can be used to hold wood, chairs, ice chests, etc.   This mobile Gator Pit can be towed by most mid-full size cars, trucks, and SUV's.



Food capacity average:  Quantity may vary, depending on size, weight, cut of meat.

8 briskets avg 12 pounds each

20 whole pork butts avg 8-10 pound each

18-20 St. Luis style Rib racks.  More Baby Back style pork ribs

30-40 Chicken halves




Daily Rental: $195.00

Pick up as early as 9:00 AM and no later than 3:30 PM and return next day by 9:00 AM



Weekend Rental: $395.00

Pick up on Friday as early as 9:00 AM and no later than 3:30PM and return Monday before 9:00 AM.



7-Day Rental: $825.00


Valid Texas Driver’s license and proof of insurance are required.

Rental cannot be taken out of the surrounding Harris County counties or out of state.


$50.00 non-refundable fee is required to reserve unit.  This will be credited toward the total when picked up.  A $95.00 cleaning fee will be charged if the unit is not returned in the same clean condition as received.  All customers are required to sign a Rental Agreement.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  Contact Gator Pit of Texas for more rental details.

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