Gator Pit Order Policy and Agreement


 Lifetime Limited Warranty: All Gator Pit smokers and grills are warranted to the original purchaser at the time of purchase and for the lifetime of the product after the purchase date against any structural defects up to one year from date of purchase.  We warrant to you, the original purchaser, that our products and all parts and components are free of defects in material or workmanship. The word "defects" as used in this warranty is defined as any imperfections which impair the use of the product for which it was intended. Our warranty is expressly limited to the replacement or repair of such products and components, and Gator Pit will have a reasonable amount of time to remedy said defect. This warranty applies under conditions of normal and proper use. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper assembly or disassembly defects occurring after purchase due to intentional damage, product modifications, and exposure to the elements, misuse, abuse or negligence and labor or assembly costs. Gator Pit will not warranty the paint coating as it is subject to intense heat, abuse and neglect, exposure of natural elements, and normal wear-and-tear. Your Gator Pit smoker or grill is constructed of minimum 1/4" thick wall is guaranteed against burn-out in the fire-box section of your grill for as long as you, the original purchaser, own it.  This warranty is non-transferable to another party.  Warranty does not apply to products outside the Continental United States.  This guarantee does not cover the fire grate, rust, abuse or neglect.   Gator Pit reserves the sole right to distinguish between rust, abuse, neglect, or burn-out.  Limited One-Year warranty on tailgating BBQ pits.  Your Gator Pit tailgating smoker or grill is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for one year from date of purchase and carries a limited one-year warranty (original purchaser only).  This guarantee does not cover fire grates, rust, abuse or neglect.  Gator Pit reserves the sole right to distinguish between rust, abuse, neglect, or burn-out.  Electrical devices/products are not warrantied.    Gator Pit mobile or trailered units carry a limited one year warranty from date of purchase.  Smoker and grills carry the same limited warranty as stated above for our non-trailered products.  Tires, wheels, bearings, axles, couplers, jacks, springs light kits are not covered in any expressed or implied warranty.  Gas systems/components/parts are not under any implied or expressed warranty. Retain Receipt of Purchase.  It is required for any warranty claims. You must retain your receipt of purchase and provide this proof of purchase for warranty purposes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  All implied warranties, including the warranty of merchantability shall not extend beyond the duration of the written warranty stated herein. This warranty is non-transferable. Gator Pit’s liability is expressly limited to the costs of material for repair or replacement of defective goods and in no event will Gator Pit be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from use/miss-use/alteration of the product. Any claims made under this warranty must be accompanied by the original damaged product, and written description of the damage and how it happened, and a copy of the original invoice at the time of purchase. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges in warranty claims. Once the warranty claim is approved Gator Pit will fix or replace the product at no additional charge.


Terms and Conditions of Sale: 50 percent minimum Non-Refundable Payment is due at time of order unless prior arrangements have been made. Payments may be made by VISA / MasterCard / Discover or Wire Transfer. Financed orders can not be cancelled.  Gator Pit incurs considerable time and money once an order transaction has been received and placed in production planning. The receipt of the deposit or written Purchase Order/Invoice constitutes the agreement and acknowledgement of this non-refundable policy. If you cancel, you forfeit any and all payments made.  Please understand that Gator Pit will invoice and pursue all costs incurred in the collection of cancellation/charge back fees. All lead-times quoted at the time purchase are subject to change without prior notice after the sales transaction has taken place.  We strongly urge that you do not plan events until you are physically in possession of the product.  In the event Gator Pit must enact collection proceedings, or litigation relating to the subject matter of this Purchase Order Agreement, the purchasing party (You, the customer/buyer) shall reimburse Gator Pit for all reasonable attorney fees and costs resulting there from.  By your purchase, you are giving Gator Pit full authorization to bill your credit or charge account for any resulting charges resulting in the Cancellation/Charge Back of your order. All orders are non-refundable. Gator Pit cannot be held liable for delays in shipping, backordered items, or a substitution of a similar product if the original item has become unavailable. All orders require final order confirmation just prior to actual build.  Gator Pit will contact you to review your order description and/or drawings.  Final payment or balance due In Full is required at time of build.  Not after build completion or at pick up. All sales final on all temperature gauges.  Improper customer installation/transport can result in damage to seals, glass face, resulting in moisture inside the gauges.  Gator Pit is not responsible.  All gauges are calibrated at the manufacturer. Gator Pit does not guarantee accurate calibration. Certain models can be recalibrated by the customer. Listed cooker dimensions, size, weight are approximate only and may vary from individual builds.  No exchanges. No refunds.  No exceptions on all temperature gauges.  ALL trailers will incur a $150.00 processing fee for registration/temporary tags with DMV.


Change Orders after initial order: Limited to the options lists that pertain to the specific model ordered.  Due to the extreme custom nature of our products, any features added, modified, changed, etc. by the customer after initial order must be verified/confirmed in writing by the customer to Gator Pit of Texas, LP. This can be in a received signed letter by the customer or via email with your name attached notifying and agreeing to the change. You may call our office to discuss the changes to your order, however, we will still require written documentation of the changes and agreement to price. Complete "Change Orders" WILL be given a new suggested lead time and will incur a $25.00 Administrative Fee. No Exceptions.  If drawings, full written descriptions and specifications have to be revised there will be a $75.00 fee assessed each time this is required. Additional payment WILL be required on the changes to meet the minimum non-refundable 50 percent deposit. Customers will not be able to make “change orders/modifications/additions” once your order has been finalized for build and no changes once it hits the shop floor for fulfillment.  Our goal is to build to the original order and within the suggested lead time based on what we know is on order. If you, the customer, changes that order, your lead time will be reset, as a new order.  As it will have to be reconsidered in our production, as to not delay other customer orders. Ultimately, you, the Customer, is responsible for ensuring that the invoice, description, and/or drawings are correct.


Final balance WILL be due at Final Approval for build.  NOT after build, due to the order is built specifically for you.  This policy is to ensure that both parties understand the changes made by the customer and the customer agrees to additional costs.


Final balance WILL be due at Final Approval for build.  NOT after build, due to the order is built specifically for you.  This policy is to ensure that both parties understand the changes made by the customer and the customer agrees to additional costs.


Additional Freight Surcharge Policy:  Customers can pick up their order at our facility.  However, customers cannot arrange their own LTL shipping, overseas shipments.  NO Terminal Pickup.  We ship daily and know what and how to ship our products best, with minimal to no issues.  Gator Pit does its best to provide accurate freight quotes at the time of sale. We rely on you “the customer” to provide us with accurate details of the delivery point of your requested shipment. All of our freight quotes are given with the notice that the address being provided is either a residence or business with a forklift or shipping dock. We have also had customers be untruthful as to the nature of the address being provided which has resulted in additional fees being charged to the shipment by the carrier. Based on the above; Gator Pit reserves the right to charge you “the customer” additional fees associated with the surcharges passed onto us from the freight carrier for your order. This includes limited access fees, residential delivery fees, liftgate fees, fuel surcharge fees, weight added, and delivery notification fees. The charges will be charged against the credit card you are providing at the time of sale. With your purchase, you agree to the terms said forth above. Our Shipper will be happy to deliver your pit in the Houston area.  Delivery fees start at $250.00, plus tax.  Fee depends on destination address, mileage one way, and size of your order.  Fee depends on destination and size of your order. Delivery days and time can vary depending on area. Delivery does not include "Placement" of the pit in your yard.  Placement is defined as setting the pit up in your backyard or other area.  Delivery is to your residence or business driveway.  If "Special Delivery" is required, customer incurs any and all additional shipping costs to have the item delivered.  Special Delivery is defined as circumstances that require the shipper to utilize trucks or other special equipment not standard in delivery in order to deliver the product to the customer's destination.  Example of Special Delivery:  A road or drive that is inaccessible for a Shipper's standard delivery truck. Contact us for more details on delivery options. Storage fees may apply 10 business days after notification your order is ready for pick up or shipment, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Trailers $25.00 per day.  Backyard units $15.00 per day.  Orders left at our facility longer than 30 days shall be considered forfeit and revert to property of Gator Pit of Texas, LP.  No refunds or credit after 30 days of storage.  Gator Pit is not held liable for any damages to items during storage.


Terms of Receiving the Product: Before you sign for the shipment, inspect all cartons for visible damage and note it on the bill of lading. Even if no exterior damage is visible, open all packages immediately and inspect for damage or shortages. We cannot be held liable for any shipping related damage after you have signed for the shipment. If you find that damage was done, immediately note it on the BOL and notify the delivery person for the freight company to start a claim and request an inspection. They will pick up and return the product to us for replacement. You must repackage all the items the way you received them with all packing and crating materials in place.

If there was a problem with the configuration of the product versus what was ordered do not sign for the product at all. Simply refuse to take delivery of the product.  Contact us immediately. If you sign for the Cooker or other Gator Pit product you accept it as is.  We do not have recourse in rectifying any problems.


Return Policy: Because of the custom nature of our business, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


REFUND POLICY:  Because of the custom nature of our business, there are NO REFUNDS.  NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.


Photos/Videos:  DO NOT ask Gator Pit to take build photos of your order at any stage.  Simply, we don’t have time.


Governing Law:  This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of the State of Texas.  Each of the Parties irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of the state located in the state of Texas and agree that any action, suit or proceeding between the parties hereto shall be brought in that state.   Each of the Parties agree that venue in any action, suit or proceeding between the parties hereto shall be proper in Harris County, Texas.

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