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A word from Ritch, Founder and President of Gator Pit of Texas, LP


A native of Sunset, Louisiana, my dream of being an entrepreneur started early.  I have always enjoyed welding, fabrication, and design.  As a high school student, I focused a lot of time on becoming a skilled welder and fabricator.  I spent 4 years in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program.  I designed and manufactured my first barbeque pit at the young age of 14.


After graduating from high school, I joined the Army Reserves.  While in the Reserves, I attended and graduated from Fort Leonardwood, Missouri Engineering School.  I later completed my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  While pursuing various careers and designing barbeque pits, I quickly realized that my only true passion was in barbeque pit design and manufacturing.  In 1996, with much thought and planning, I decided to open my own custom pit shop entitled GATOR PIT.  Staying true to my native State of Louisiana (alligators are known to live) and because one of my most unique and popular pit designs attach on the back of trucks for TAIL-GATING barbeque, is how the name was originated.


I can not express how much I enjoy the art of barbecue pit design.  Because of my great passion in what I do, I pride myself in knowing that my GATOR PIT BBQ PITS are the best on the market and offer features you will not find anywhere else but GATOR PIT.  I personally assist all customers in custom designing pits that will best fit their barbeque needs.  Just check out our testimonials page and you see what our customers all over the world say about GATOR PIT.  GATOR PIT offers custom pits at affordable prices.  Just compare and see for yourself.  I know no one offers the quality and features of a GATOR PIT grill or smoker for the price.


Being a Custom Pit Designer and Manufacturer, I offer great custom-made pits at truly affordable prices and that is something that no one can argue.  Just shop around and compare.  I look at the competition everyday and I know no one offers the quality and features of a GATOR PIT BBQ PIT for the price. The design and quality of my pits has been recognized by newspapers, magazines, television, and numerous BBQ websites worldwide.  I have been interviewed and articles published by Texas Monthly Magazine and many other BBQ related newspapers , magazines, and websites such as The Houston Chronicle, National Barbecue News, Full Throttle Magazine, and many others. Gator Pit was voted Top Ten "Coolest BBQ Pits" in the United States and abroad.  Gator Pit was interviewed and aired on television by Food TV.  Browse the world wide web and see what people are saying about Gator Pit.  Gator Pit has been called the Jessie James and Orange County Choppers of BBQ Pits.  Truly custom and quality you will not get anywhere else for the price.


I have also created a Gator Pit BBQ Forum dedicated to Gator Pit owners around the world and is available FREE to anyone, whether a Gator owner or not.  Want to ask Gator owners what they think about their personal Gator, cooking tips, upcoming competitions, etc, this is the place to go.  You have the opportunity to ask what you want.  You can communicate publicly or privately.  That is how confident I am in customer satisfaction.  Click here to go to the Gator Pit Forum.


Customer Service is very important to me.  Feel free to contact me anytime or come by my facility.  I do not want my Gator Pit customers to get my pit and have questions about how to use, what to cook with, etc.  For this reason, I encourage all of you to contact us at Gator Pit and inquire about our pits and get the information you really need to know in determining a pit to fit and meet your wants and needs.  I look forward to hearing from you.




Ritch "Gator Man" Robin

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