The Texas Legend II

Texas Legend II features and description: 
Total Package Price:  $55,000.00

Double-door horizontal smoker is 1/4" thick wall new pipe with a 36" x 96" main cooking chamber. Main chamber has twelve angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays and a 2" grease drain with brass ball valve . Adjustable and locking tuning plates are standard for even temperature cooking through the length of the main chamber. Main doors are equiped with counter-balances for one-handed operation. All doors have 1" flanges on all four sides for a tight seal and stainless steel cool-touch handles.

Upright smoke box is 1/4" thick plate, 36"l x 36"w x 48" h, with five angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays. Three 4" x 4" adjustable smoke stacks are mounted on the upright smoking chamber. Gas assist is mounted in the upright chamber with an independant needle valve for temperature control. Both smoke chambers and side grill are equipped with stainless steel 3"-dial easy-to-read temperature gauges.

Side grill is 3/8" thick wall new pipe with a 24" x 24" cooking chamber. Cooking chamber has two angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays and a sliding baffle to serve as an additional heat source for the upright smoking chamber. Side-access door is fitted with sliding adjustable air-intake vent.

36" firebox has a heavy-duty angle-framed removable wood grating and an adjustable air-intake vent. 1/4" thick double-wall firebox has 2300 degree insulation to reduce heat loss. Dual gas systems (one for quick ignition, one for temperature maintenance) are standard on the Texas Legend II.

A 24" x 96" triple-door grill is mounted on the passenger side of the Texas Legend II. Six angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays, two per door, are standard. Dual heavy-duty angle-framed removable wood gratings can be accessed through side doors at either end of the grill. Three low-pressure H-burners with front controls are mounted in the grill for easy grilling.

A 96" stainless steel front prep table runs the length of the grill. Dual 160,000 BTU burners with independent controls are mounted on the trailer deck with a 12" safety wall and backsplash. Two locking propane tank holders on the nose of the trailer can each accomdate upto a 100# propane tank.

Rear-mounted 36" x 36" log bin has a locking drop-down door for easy access to wood. A 55-gallon potable water tank and 2.5 gallon water heater provide running water to dual single-bay sinks and double-bay stainless steel sink. Power for the water pump is provided by a 15V marine battery. A locking refrigerator/freezer is mounted on the trailer frame along with a locking generator box.

Folding roof extends five feet to either side of the Texas Legend II to keep out the sun and rain. Front and rear halogen floodlights can be mounted on the roof to illuminate your cooking area. Four-outlet elctrical box is mounted near the rear sink to provide power for radios, blenders, fans, etc.

Trailer frame is 1/4" thick wall x 2" square tubing, with aluminum diamond-plate fenders, 18" chrome wheels and trailer-rated tires. Dual axles are rated for 6,000 pounds each and are fitted with electric brakes. Front and rear swing jacks stabilize the Texas Legend when in use. Includes a 2-5/16" Bulldog coupler, complete light kit and 4 prong wiring harness, solid plate nose/deck. All doors lock for safety and security.

All food trays are framed in 3/4" angle and are sliding for extra strength

Additional Custom Options Available:
Custom Metal Art available.  Company logo, etc. Contact for pricing.
Smoking woods:  Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan.   Cut and split. $21.00 per 50 pound bag.
2 pound bag of TexasBBQRub Original Blend $13.27 per two pound bag
2 pound bag of TexasBBQRub Brisket Blend $13.97 per two pound bag
Ash rake $35.00
Ash rake with stainless steel cool touch handles $55.00
Firepoker $35.00
Firepoker with stainless steel cool touch handles $55.00
Other custom options available - Gator Pit is a true custom pit builder.

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