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Changes Order and Additions to your order REMINDER.
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:42:39 PM »
To my current and potential Gator customers:
I need to reiterate our policy on Change Orders or adding more work to your order. Please do not expect to have the same suggested lead time given on the original order, if you change that order. Upgrading features, size, making mobile, etc has a huge effect on our production. You could very well limit what Welder is the best to build your Gator and that delays the order. We are TRUE CUSTOM at Gator Pit. Simply view our Gator Pit YouTube channel and you will see how your Gator is made. By HAND. We don't have an assembly line or mass produce ANYTHING. We don't have brakes and shears or any other type of metal fabrication equipment. We have our hands, hand tools, grinders, welding machine, hand torches and other HAND tools. One Welder builds your order. Not multiple Welders. One Welder starts it. That SAME welder finishes it. You lose quality when you put a bunch of welders on one Gator. I have mentioned this time and time again over the years. You change the game when you change the order. Keep your original order and we do our best to stay around that original suggested lead time. Change that order, don't expect that. It makes us jump thru hoops in the office and shop re-figuring what Welder is going to build what order and when. Those changes are not in our "known" production time line.
Example. A real example: I say this because I don't want any customer to get upset with me when they take what was our Party Gator on order and change that to a Party Edition Mobile and in the same breath comment, "I am still going to get it next month, right?" My answer will be NO. For the reasons I stated above. A standard Party Gator is 3 days to build and three days to paint cure. Party Edition Mobile is a 2 week build and 3 day paint cure, 1 day putting everything on after paint cure: trailer lights, gas lines, tires/wheels, and much more on a trailer. And, only one Welder builds my mobile cookers. That change completely throws off my entire shop production. NO it will not be ready next month now. It may be delayed 2 or 3 months now. I have to figure when that Welder can now build your trailer that we had no idea was going to be in our mobile production. Seriously, that is how significant one customer's Change Order effects our entire production. Effects every customer. Multiply that times pretty much every customer that has an order with us and that is why our time line gets extended. It isn't anything we, Gator Pit is doing that delays orders. It is the customer. Why we don't want the customers that make ZERO changes get delayed because of those that do make change after change to their order.
In short, you change the game when you change the order. So, be patient with the changes you made and not take any delay out on Gator Pit. We didn't delay your order. You did.  :)
Now, with all that said, we want you to get what you want. We realize you may not know exactly what you want when you place an order with us. You talk or see posts from our existing customers and you like what they have or you see a video and like some feature or even a different cooker you see. You contact us to make that change or addition. We want you to. Just don't want the attitude when we tell you it will take another month or three months now to get what you want. Otherwise, stick with the original order and don't risks a delay.
Gator Pit is about QUALITY. NOT QUANTITY. And, quality takes time. Would you rather be upset over the time to get your dream cooker or get your dream cooker and the quality suck. Rush and it and that is what happens. Let me build you the quality you expect. It is why you ordered to begin with. Don't change that.

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