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Got lucky today!
« on: February 18, 2014, 05:28:06 PM »
I caught someone trying to steal Slugger today. I had been cooking on him all weekend, and he was still out. I hadn't had time to put him back in the garage yet, since I was gone all day yesterday. My youngest and I went to the store and gas station really quick, and on the way back my phone rang. It was my alarm system calling me. When I turned the corner on our street, I see 2 guys(?) in a pickup peeling out of my driveway. The alarm had scared them away I guess?! I followed them around the corner as quickly as I could, but they were hauling a**! I had the little one in the back, so I thought it'd be better not to give full chase. Just a reminder to all of you: Protect Your Investment!!! Insurance should be the first defense, but also; good locks, alarms, chains, etc... go a long way. I despise thieves, and this whole experience has left me more mad than anything. And I never really get that way! I am thankful...but still enraged!
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