Author Topic: Inside Gator Pit VID. Get it straight from Ritch.  (Read 1922 times)

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Inside Gator Pit VID. Get it straight from Ritch.
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:13:45 AM »
We decided to do a short clip on Gator Pit.  A bit more in depth than our past vids.  I attempt to show the order process, build process and the quality of Gators as compared to other Pit Makers out there.  Also, this is an attempt that by showing this process, Gator customers can now truly understand what it takes to get a Gator Pit.  What Gator does to ensure your Gator is exactly what you have heard, read, and expect to arrive at your home or business.  Hope you enjoy.  Ritch!

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