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Dual Stacker features and description:
Total Package Price:  $5,495.00

Gator Pit’s “DUAL STACKER™” vertical smoker is unique in its design.  No other manufacturer currently makes or offers this “Multi-Level Dual Stack” design.  By implementing a multi-level stack system, the Dual Stacker is capable of cooking at a more even temperature top to bottom of the food chamber.  These temperatures can be adjusted by adjusting the dampers on top of the stacks.  You now have more control over the temperatures in your food chamber while smoking.   The Dual Stacker is capable of cooking Low and Slow or Hot and Fast.  You can run temperatures at 225 degrees for Low and Slow or upwards of well over 300 degrees for Hot and Fast.  Tests have run temperatures in the 400 degree range.  With the implementation of Gator Pit’s “T-Plate” design in the charcoal/wood basket, you are able to run a small amount of charcoal for 6 hours or more while maintaining a constant temperature.


Food Chamber:
Standard color:  High Heat BBQ Black
Overall height of the chamber: 48” tall x 28 ½” wide x 21 ½” deep
Food racks: 20” long x 17” deep angle framed and sliding x 4 total

4 briskets to give an idea of cooking capacity.  One full packer brisket each meat rack.

Multi-Level Dual 4” x 4” independently controlled smoke stacks with stainless steel cool-touch handles.  Stacks are uniquely placed to allow a more even temperature upper and lower of the food chamber.  Gator Pit is the first to implement this unique design.  No other manufacture offers this Multi-Level  “Dual Stack” design.  (Photo does not show the standard Birdhouse stacks, as this Dual Stacker was being installed in an enclosed trailer and vented thru the roof).

¼” thick steel water pan 

Guru, Stoker, or other thermostatically controlled device can be installed in the Dual Stacker.  Thermo wires will run thru the insulated walls into the food chamber.  

Double 1/8” steel walls with 2300 degree insulation on all 6 sides, including front doors.  Doors feature commercial Stainless steel latches. All hinges are constructed of thick ½” steel rod and pipe.  Custom fabricated by Gator Pit and fitted perfectly for door to open a full 180 degrees.

Steel reinforcement between the walls to prevent warping or bowing under high temperatures.  Frame is constructed of ¼” thick angle.

Dual temperature gauges are industrial grade with recalibration set screw.

Rear mounted 2” ball drain with brass ball valve to easy drain and flush out water pan after cooking.

Firebox Chamber:

¼” thick expanded metal charcoal/wood basket with 4” side walls, reinforced with angle frame.  Basket slides in and out and hangs in place when pulled out.

Gator Pit’s unique “T-Plates” for longer burn time.  T-Plates are removable.

Lower solid steel plate ash pan with 1” walls and carry handle to easy clean out ash after cooking

Sliding air intake vents with adjustable handle.

Price does include heavy duty all-weather 6” casters.  Black on color.  Two rigid and two locking swivel casters.

Color paint: $350.00 Costs includes high heat primer base. Choice of colors (Subject to availability): Rustoleum’s Professional High Performance Protective Enamel Gloss Black, Gloss Green, Gloss Yellow, Gloss Safety Red (Most popular color. Very bright red). Industrial, Tough Rust Preventative Finish, Oil-Based Paint. Customer does have the option to submit other desired colors for an additional cost of $200.00 minimum. Actual color can vary when adhered to metal. Paint IS NOT covered under any expressed or implied warranty.

Additional Custom Options Available:
BBQ Rubs: Riley's Red Rub or Riley's Sweet Pecan - 1 lb. bag of your choice $11.99 Each
BBQ Sauce: Riley's Triple R BBQ Sauce- 16 oz. bottle $6.99 Each
Gator Pit GURU Kit: DigiQDX2, 25CFM Fan, Bulkhead, Wire probes, Gator Pit Adapter Dial Contact for pricing
Stainless-steel Cool Touch handle on firebox airvent $25.00 each
Remote thermometer probe holes with removable threaded plugs $30.00 each
Guru adapter vent $75.00 each

Matching 5” heavy duty locking swivel casters (1000# capacity each)

Custom welded letters $20.00 per letter
Custom Metal Art available.  Company logo, etc. Contact for pricing.
Smoking woods:  Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan.   Cut and split. $21.00 per 50 pound bag.
Other custom options available - Gator Pit is a true custom pit builder.

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